Security and Traceability in Assisted Reproduction

Security and Traceability in Assisted Reproduction

By María de las Heras

RI Witness technology was incorporated to the Reproducción Bilbao lab from the very beginning attempting to improve traceability of samples (including oocytes, semen and embryos), quality control, while reducing laboratory based risks.

Since 2015, we decided to work by using RI System (being the second Assisted Reproduction Center in the Basque Country and one of the firsts in Spain) in order to minimize the published human error rates from 0,2% to zero. This technology gives reliability both to the clinic and to the patients. Thus, RI Witness works as a constant safeguard to help minimize stress (for patients, clinicians and embryologists), giving them extra peace of mind and managing every aspect of daily workload in a fertility center.

Key Features
Fail Safe 
Locks the patient’s identity to the sperm, oocytes and embryos at every stage of the treatment, so that they are continuously monitored
Gives to the staff members and patients increased confidence in every step of the cycle
RFID tags ensure patients know exactly who did what, where and when to patients’ samples
Stay at the forefront of ART technology with RI Witness™ updates keeping a center ahead of the industry standard.

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