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The mammary study includes a complete clinical examination with indications for complementary tests for and early diagnosis of breast cancer depending on circumstances such as age, family history and lifestyle.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women but can now be detected in its early stages, which means that less aggressive treatments can be used. This way, it’s much easier to cure this type of cancer, which is the fundamental objective of early diagnosis.

The early diagnosis of breast cancer has shown an increase in the cure rates of the disease. Depending on different circumstances, screening mammographies after a certain age are recommended, as well as other complementary tests (breast ultrasound, breast magnetic resonance).

The treatment of breast cancer must be multidisciplinary. Conservative surgery is the best kind (without performing a mastectomy) with immediate reconstruction (done by the Gynaecology specialist and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist). Medical Oncology and Oncological Radiotherapy specialists along with Clinical Psychologists complete the multidisciplinary approach.

We have Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists that offer different options for breast conservation or reconstruction and Medical Genetics specialists that can offer genetic information and proof of breast cancer risks.

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